Kitchen Sink Pasta

So it’s the Thursday before a long weekend and I’m going out of town so I’m trying to make something for dinner to get rid of the food that will go bad in a few days, and the odds and ends from prior meals still floating about in the fridge. So I decided to make a pasta using leftover vegetables and eggs. Yes you heard me correctly-eggs. I bought a dozen and a half eggs thinking I would use them all before they expired but with only a few days left and almost half of the eggs left I decided to get creative.

So I started off boiling a pot of water and adding a handful of fettuccine to cook for approximately 12 minutes.

While that cooked I heated a drizzle of olive oil-enough to coat the bottom of a pan- and added some of my leftover ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, a bit of sliced onion, and some chopped red bell pepper. For your own kitchen sink pasta add whatever leftover veggies you have and just chop and cook. You can also add leftover meat if you’d like-bacon in particular would work or ham, just reheat it by adding it to the almost cooked veggies for a few minutes.

IMG_0952 IMG_0955 IMG_0956

I let those cook until soft and fragrant and then added a dash of white wine for some more flavor.


In a bowl I beat one egg and 1/4 cup of grated parmesan together. (NOTE: There are two eggs in my ingredient photo but disregard that-only use ONE egg)


Once the pasta was cooked and drained I IMMEDIATELY added it to the egg mixture. The heat from the pasta will heat the egg up to kill off bacteria associated with raw eggs. (But I eat cookie dough all the time before it’s cooked so I’m obviously not too worried about it). But if you are a little nervous just put the pasta/egg mixture back in your pasta pan (sans water) and heat over low heat until the egg begins to steam or until begins to lightly scramble.

Then toss or top with the cooked veggies and add some extra parmesan cheese to the top and enjoy! It might sound odd but the egg mixture makes a light sauce that doesn’t taste egg-y at all, and it’s a good way to sneak a little protein into a pasta dish without meat.


So in summary the trick to this recipe is that it isn’t a set recipe-play around with it and add the ingredients you have sitting in your fridge that will go bad in a few days. It’s a great way not to waste food, and also a tasty treat!


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