Polish Cottage

For Labor Day weekend I was blessed by having my parents come to visit me in Arizona, and to celebrate we spent three days discovering different places in Tucson. On the night they picked me up we decided to go to a restaurant I had found on Trip Advisor ranked #9 out of all restaurants in Tucson: Polish Cottage. It being Arizona I was shocked that there was a Polish restaurant to begin with, let alone that it was in the top ten so I had to try it.

We went early to avoid a crowd and were able to be immediately seated. The restaurant is small and quaint with Polish memorabilia/antiques on the walls. The menu has a mixture of different soups, salads, sandwiches, pierogies, and traditional Polish fare.

IMG_3857 - Copy - Copy (2) IMG_3859 - Copy (2) IMG_3861IMG_3862 - Copy - Copy

We decided to sample the potato and cheese pierogies, pierogies with sweet farmers cheese with sour cream on top, potato pancakes, the Polish Combo Plate (with the choice of 2 beef pierogies, and 1 sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi, and cucumber salad.

The potato pancakes were good-a little greasy- but better than your run of the mill potato pancakes

IMG_3863 - Copy - Copy IMG_3865 - Copy

The potato and cheese pierogies were so delicious! Hearty but also delicate and so fresh-this was by far the standout for me

IMG_3866 IMG_3874 - Copy

My second favorite item-the sweet cheese pierogi-  was more sweet than savory but still delicious!

IMG_3867 - Copy

The combo plate was a huge portion with a stuffed cabbage roll, smoked sausage, hunter’s stew, and 3 pierogies. Both my mom and dad’s favorite item overall was the stuffed cabbage- my mom was so impressed, she usually isn’t a big fan of stuffed cabbage but she said the meat was light and amazing and the best stuffed cabbage she’s had.

IMG_3868 - Copy IMG_3869 IMG_3870 - Copy IMG_3873 - Copy

Lastly we had the cucumber salad. It was very small and good, but nothing so special that I’d ever order it again.


Review: Definitely worthy of it’s high spot on Trip Advisor’s ranking, and a rare treat of delicious Polish food, and my personal favorite of pierogies. If you’re ever in Tucson and craving something other than Mexican food I’d highly advise trying Polish Cottage.

For more information on this restaurant see their website at http://polishcottageaz.com/


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