La Olla Mexican Cafe

After a morning spent wandering the Saguaro National Park (to be posted about later) and also a brief stint in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (also to come later) we were ravenous and figured no trip to Tucson can be complete without some delicious Mexican food so we decided to try out La Olla Mexican Cafe.

Like many other Tucson restaurants we tried La Olla is unassuming from the outside, and the interior was like that of many other Mexican restaurants. And as it was 2 in the afternoon with only one server and one cook in the back (neither of whom was Hispanic) we weren’t too sure about what we were getting ourselves into. But we decided to trust all of the online reviews and go ahead.


Once we were seated we immediately received a plate of chips and homemade salsa both of which were yummy. We decided to start off with an order of guacamole to accompany the chips and what we got was a huge portion of delicious fresh guacamole. Given how hungry we were, and how good it tasted,  it was hard to stop ourselves from devouring it all immediately.


Controlling ourselves we looked over the menu and decided upon a Sonoran Dog. Yes you read that correctly-a hot dog at a Mexican restaurant. The Sonoran dog was listed as one of the must-tries when you go to Tucson and in general it is a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese, beans, salsa, and other assorted toppings. This one was made extra special by a salsa fresca and a garlic aioli. My mother said it was the best hot dog she has ever eaten and my dad who hasn’t had a hot dog in years agreed to try it and was also impressed. For my mom this was her favorite thing she ate on the entire trip!

They were served with a side of sweet potato fries which she also loved-and she usually isn’t a fan of them!


However the other food was also amazing I chose the bean and cheese burro (aka burrito) with a side of calabacitas which was by far the best Mexican side dish I’ve ever had-it’s a medley of vegetables in a cheese sauce and it was fresh and delicious.


Last but not least my dad had a chile relleno and cheese enchilada both of which were delicious-particularly the cheese enchilada.Image

Review: Don’t judge a restaurant by it’s workers or appearance-this was the best, most fresh, and delicious Mexican restaurant I’ve been to. If you’re in Tucson you should definitely come try La Olla’s Mexican Cafe for some unexpected treats. Or at the very least try a Sonoran Dog!

For more information see their website at


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