Village Bakehouse

For breakfast on our first day we decided to try Village Bakehouse an adorable bakery and mini restaurant. I’ll say up front that this was by far my favorite breakfast place we went to on the trip for many reasons.

First the place itself is adorable: it’s very unassuming from the outside given its location in a strip mall but they have tables placed outside to enjoy the tepid mornings. Even at 8am on a Saturday the place was busy with couples, families, and individuals popping in to grab a coffee and pastry, or relaxing outside enjoying the breeze.


The menu itself while not extensive had some delicious options so we decided to try fresh OJ, hot chocolate, and a frozen mocha all of which were delicious and a nice sized portion.



For our actual breakfasts we decided to have Steve’s breakfast burrito, orange french toast, and stuffed french toast with raspberries.


Oh my word everything was delicious the side of fruit was deliciously fresh and sweet, the burrito was well-portioned and seasoned, the orange french toast was tender, sweet, and you could definitely taste the orange, and the best of them all was the raspberry stuffed French toast: the challah bread was amazing and the raspberry and sweet cream cheese stuffing was divine.


We also sampled a few bites of pie and it was heavenly, we had to control ourselves from not buying pie, pecan rolls, cupcakes (one with an adorable bumblebee decoration), and everything else in between.

Review: You HAVE to try Village Bakehouse if you are in Tucson, it was my favorite thing I ate the entire trip and everything they make is delicious.

For more information see their website at


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