Blue Willow

For our final breakfast in Tuscon we decided to try Blue Willow a restaurant with an attached gift shop for a real sit down breakfast. The restaurant is an old home with a gift shop at the front with some baked goods on display. There are a lot of knickknacks and gifts which is a good thing when we waited for almost 45 minutes to get in.




We asked to be seated outside which was a cozy and cute set up.


The breakfast menu is a little limited but has many options for vegetarians, vegans, and those who are gluten intolerant.

IMG_3952 IMG_3953 IMG_3955 IMG_3954

My dad chose the blue willow special-he liked it but would have preferred it without the tortilla bits since it made it heavier and carbo-loaded.



My mom chose the huevos rancheros which were very good but the potatoes weren’t anything special and more mushy than crispy-but sans potatoes it was good


Lastly I chose the breakfast burrito which was good but because the potatoes were only so-so and there was an overabundance of them in the burrito it was just average.


Before we left we decided to get a Neiman Marcus cookie for the road and it was delicious- as in DELICIOUS- one of the best cookies I’ve ever had.


Review: while not bad the food didn’t exceed our expectations and for the higher price and the wait it wasn’t worth it for us. But I would advise stopping in and trying a Neiman Marcus cookie, and I’d try the lunch- the options seemed better than what they had for breakfast.

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